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1  General Category / General Discussion / A story about father on: June 05, 2012, 12:19:58 AM
Father stands quietly in the front of my grandpaís photo, now they finally stop quarreling.
For as long as I can remember, grandpa was always criticize my father, just as my father was still his little boy. While my father complained that grandpa left him home alone when he was a little child. Everything can be the fuse that led a pointless quarrel, grandpa criticized everything my father did, my father said,Ē it is not your business, it is too late to teach me.Ē
They quarrel over decades. Until one day, my grandpa had a short illness, there had been a brief time of acute suffering, then he left us.
Father is more and more mild now, sometimes, he is just like grandpa, get up early to do some exercise, read grandpaís memoirs, watch TV program which grandpa liked. We know that is his way to miss my grandpa. This is the third time I have seen him stand here, he doesnít say any words, but I knew he is so sorry, for he did never tell grandpa that he loved him.
Fatherís Day is coming, I said this story for reminding you that be nice to your father, father always doesnít know how to express his love to children, sometimes they show love in a different way, just remember ,that also his love. Do not miss any chance to tell him you love him.
Last year, I bought a messenger bags for men for my father on Fatherís day, he was so happy. Now Fatherís Day is coming again, has a discount on that special day, such as this vertical messenger bags for men, made of genuine calf leather and the high quality leather provide the durability for you, and allows almost every occasions and easily matches all your suits.
There are some other vintage bag in Just come here and choose a bag for your father, tell him that you love him.
2  General Category / General Discussion / Do you know what is your color? on: June 04, 2012, 12:58:33 AM
Donít you understand that every color is made for a particular aim, exclusive and different? The colours used are remarkable. In many places, colors symbolize several breaks; they are also used to convey emotions and brighten language. Any color has a unique color expressions, it gives to people's feel is vertical messenger bags for men have different colors.
As a typical visual psychology, red is a symbol of good fortune, make a warm, lively impression. Colors like green and blue make people think clean, and make people think of life. While Yellow for justice, kindness, holiness, kindness; Red represents freedom, health and humanity. Blue stands for love, which is why a bride carries or wears something blue on her wedding day. green represents a dream, flowers are colorful because of green and life is wonderful.
Moreover, khaki is low key but so popular, it says that Kim, typically seen in an overall style zipped-up jacket and matching trousers, usually in khaki or grey, has developed an outstanding image. As well as beige, khaki has the same effect when paired with other true dark color such as black, grey, indigo and even darker brown. The British began using the cloth and color found in their colonization of India, hence the name khaki, which means ĒdustyĒ or ďearthĒ in Hindi.
Color can suggest your trait, so pick the your color is very crucial. Just as this khaki vintage bag for women
, as a merchandise of Ouovo, this bagís shape design idea is inspired from the shopping bag. The top opening imitates drawstring style to make the bag look tightly. The high quality of the hardware of the handles and the high capacity allow you to put quite a lot of your belongs in it.
Green shows spring, red for summer, yellow for fall, and white for winter. Blue suggests Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Australia and red for America. So what is your color?
3  General Category / General Discussion / Fashion tips for the stylish father on: June 02, 2012, 01:32:43 AM
Recent years, actors and sports stars become excellent fathers. They are also fine examples among common people, such as football superstar Beckham and famous actor Lei Huang. They generally become fashionable trend. Their dress, hair style and bags are attractive. OUOVO vertical messenger bags for men is worth recommending. I am convinced that Messenger Bag becomes the new trend in this summer.

2012 Olympic Games in London is approaching, Ambassador David Beckham once again become the focus of attention. David Beckham's legendary career is bright. David Beckham is a minion of advertising and fashion. He usually becomes spokesman of famous brand. Today , letís talk how important the bag is if you want your father to be a fashion dad as Beckham.

There are various features and functions of this type messenger bags for men. Whatever occupation the father is, it is comfortable. The bag show mature and tolerant. When they attend important activities, it is necessary to own Messenger Bag. It brings you many merits. It was great for carrying books and notebooks, pens, water bottles. The zipper on the inside pocket is made up of metal. The materials of bag are canvas. The front pockets work well for my cell phone and chargers. This design is helpful for you to find objects. I have to say that it saves much time. Black is always the classic color for men. This business vintage style travel duffel bag is made from calf leather. Leather bag is much more durable and flexible. The simple design shows directly. Of course, the size of bag is the essential element. The messenger bagís size is suitable with body type. This kind of bag matches Western-style dress. Small zipper pouch inside is for smaller items. Shoulder strap is fully adjustable. 2012 Olympic Games in Fatherís day is coming, what do you prepare for your father? maybe a leather bags for men is a good choice, make your dad be fashion just like David Beckham.

4  General Category / General Discussion / cute candy color bag on: May 31, 2012, 09:48:26 PM
The summer is getting close. Females additionally begin to select trendy as well as gorgeous shorts, shirt and clothing. There is no uncertainty that the well-liked pattern should guide ideas and concepts. Typically talking, celebrities are appealing. ďOriental film marketing feedback prize" Ziyi Zhang went to a well-known honor wedding. She wears complete period and magical clothing. She is favorably shining on the red new carpet. If there is a messenger bags for women to meet the stunning dress, it outlined red carpet and become spot light. Readers shout.
Lately, the web page commences a fresh type of bag. It is truly appropriate for vibrant ladies. Sweet colors are usually vivid and beautiful than the regular colors, and it is very appropriate for nice and wonderful girls. Removable individual strap can make it handy when you wish to alter your carrying design. Worldwide discussion &convention center was held in Haikou last night at the grand theatre. Several famous actors favorably go to the banquet. They confidently and intricately enable. Even though it is involved in the scandal, worldwide star still has huge amount of control for all people.
To many movie stars, red carpet is the excellent display system. At the same time, they possess a phase to present themselves. Selecting stunning clothes and sophisticated container are important for them. How to properly pick out them? Now I suggest many techniques for you. You will become stylish and respectable as the celebrity. The lovable satchel is nice that it is a best option to complement all kinds of clothes. Outer zippered wallet additionally included to obscure your unique items. Magical tone appliance and leather trimmings produce a excellent stability. When you consider the carrier, it is useless.
The vintage messenger bag for women is important for young girls. If there is a gorgeous dress, it is not incredible without a ideal bag. The design of bag is disregardful. While various people have numerous opinions for color, size, material and design. But Great minds think alike. The carmine bag is essential for this year. You do not skip the great opportunity.
5  General Category / General Discussion / gift for Father's Day on: May 31, 2012, 02:11:02 AM
Father Ďs day is upcoming, have you selected a surprise for your papa? a piece of clothing? A vertical messenger bag for men? Sometimes wallet is a wonderful choice.
This past year, I argued with my daddy for a small trouble. There were two months that we did not talk to each other. I felt guilty but I did know how to say apologies to him. Then, Eddy, a friend of mine, told me fatherís day is coming, perhaps I could give a gift to my dad to show my apology. He had a bag shop online, he said there were a lot of people bought wallet for father as fatherís day gift, especially girls. I considered this was a excellent suggestion, my fatherís wallet was so well-worn, so I determined to pick one for my daddy. Eddy introduce me a web named buybuybag. com. and find this bag.
Bags in this web were awesome at a affordable cost, their private brand Ouovo was a new brand, Ouovoís messenger bags for womenbags were all made by hand and leather, it is very attractive. What's more, the service was so patient, because I had not ordered bag online and I knew little about bags for men, I had so many doubts, they replied me with consideration one by one. I actually appreciated. Days later, I received that bag, as the image, it was a simple designed wallet. On Fatherís Day, I gave it to my father, said, Happy Father's Day. He was shocked and gave me a big hug.
Thatís my story on Fatherís Day a year ago. I am thinking of what should I prepare for this special day. I would suggest you this wallet and web to you because they helped me a lot. And my suggestion, if you ordered a wallet for your daddy, donít hesitate to put your photograph in it. Your daddy will delighted to own it.
6  General Category / General Discussion / an elegant bag on: May 30, 2012, 12:35:14 AM
Natural beauty is a kind of advantage, alive beautifully is a kind of ability. Beauty is a woman's nature, current topics they concerned about are weight loss, breast enhancement, everything goes to show that any one of the fashion beauty women could not resist the temptation of messenger bags for women, but few of them realize that no matter how beautiful a person looks, inner beauty is essence of good life can appreciate.
True beauty comes from the inside, while reading gives a person a certain charm and flavor. Famous English philosopher Francis Bacon said,Ē Reading makes a full manĒ, which means that anyone who wants to be a full man must keep on reading.
Books and cosmetic make women more attractive, bring women piece of mind. Put all of them in your shoulder bag, go out with your confidence. You are the most beautiful one.
Todayís introduction is for confident and elegant women. It is the latest bag of OUOVO, which comes from Different from other bags in this web, this vintage shoulder bag uses the woven grain fabric as main material, which is much smooth and delicate than canvas. The handle is made from leather, as any bag of OUOVO. Designed belt buckle and label make this bag simple but not drab. Moreover, there is a small bag chains into the main pocket provides you the convenience to put your change, keys and cards in it, and also, it can be used as a removable cosmetic pouch. The combination of beige and black give us the feeling of elegance. That is the best choice if you want to be an elegant woman.
Bag is just a part of what you need. Choose your best bag is both painful and exhilarating. Just as the principle of OUOVO, donít choose the one who is beautiful to the world, but rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful. Ladies tote bags, designer bags, messenger school bags, satchel bags and clutches, evening purses, no matter what kind of bag you choose, just remember to take a book with you. Donít be worry with the weight, that is the power of knowledge.

7  General Category / General Discussion / Magic vintage shoulder bag on: May 29, 2012, 12:09:07 AM
Suffer from work and bad weather?
Many factors influenced our mood, whatís your way to work through negative feelings? For women, shopping is a good way to solve problems. But maybe your work makes you too tired to do anything, and the bad weather make it more difficult to get out. I donít know if you have heard the law of attraction. That is vicious cycle. If you donít do some change, the situation will be worse and worse. Is there anything we can do? We can just make a little change, maybe a red vintage bag for women can work.
The color red is associated with passion, love and beauty. It is possibly related to the use of red roses as a love symbol. And red is used as a symbol of courage, and  catches peopleís attention. Actually, no matter what is the symbol, red is so delight in summer, so red is definitely the perfect choice.
I am fond of this one. It comes from, I was attractive to the cute handle when I first glance. The belt buckle is special, felled seams give me a deep impress. Just as other designer messenger bags women of the new brand OUOVO, it is made from leather, and the lock stitch provide the guarantee quality. Reinforced stitching let you stuff it to the max. sturdy laminate inside you can wipe clean, and twice reinforced bottom, you donít need to be cautious when you hold it. and the point is there are enough room for you daily belongs, and two compartments make it put ordered.
Besides, all Ouovo bags are 100% leather, handmade and unique. That makes me surprise and also it stimulate me to buy it. Leather bags there are quite carefully designed, stylish and finished by leather specialists. They will shine with you! Last but not the least, their bags are not restricted to being simple but there is whole new captivating range of embroidered bags, royal bags, elegant bags, leather bags and so on.
At the same time, the discount is so attractive, get the right bag at a low price make me so happy, as well as share this new discovery to you. 
So just take that attractive red bag, get out of vicious cycle, start a new deliberate life.

8  General Category / General Discussion / do you deserve a good bag? on: May 28, 2012, 12:13:32 AM
Women love bag, but not just the bag itself. More and more people follow LV, GUCCI,PRADA and so on. Some of them pay a lot for these bags. Youth, beauty, are to obtain these incredibly expensive bags. When they lose their youth and beauty, they have nothing but these meaningless bags. These people regret for their faulty cognition while others step on this wrong way one by one.
So what makes these bags so popular? Good quality? Attractive appearance? I donít think so. Today I choose a bag optionally, to compare with bags in LV, GUCCI or some others. This bag is from, their new brand is OUOVO, and I choose a designer messenger bag women.
Firstly, we pay attention the appearance, as well as any bag of the famous brand, is designed by professional designers, the beige color is totally perfect in summer, sturdy leather handle make it more dignified, just as you office lady with real class. The product knowledge carton tag is chicly designed, and o-rings and full tublar rivet are characteristics of this bag. As a new brand, the design concept is just as advanced as any other world famous brand.
Then, letís take a look at the quality. As a typical product of OUOVO messenger bag for women, this bag is made from upper layer leather, and fastening stitch make this bag a quality assurance. The last but not the least, utility is considerate during the design. There are enough room for your ipad, iphone, and books. Two interior pockets make your stuff orderly put, inside zip pocket can ensure your valuables, and external accessory pocket keeps essentials handy.
As a typical of fashion and practical bags, this bag is so perfect, but why people prefer to pay more for a bag in LV and GUCCI? Thatís because they want vanity but not a bag. Bags show your style, but deep inside, you are you, it is unworthy losing yourself for a bag. If you are not yourself, you donít deserve a good bag.

9  General Category / General Discussion / how about this bag? on: May 24, 2012, 09:41:10 PM
Everybody has his own characteristic. Maybe you like red, but others like black; you like banana, but others like apple; you like backpack, but others like messenger school bags; you are hospital, but others are very cool. Maybe you meet somebody that totally different from you, so what would do? Ignore them? Of course this is not a good idea, we should respect them, communicate with them, talk about the difference, and find the common ground. It is complicated.
But about bags, you donít have to stand anyone you donít like, bags are so important to us. Whenever and wherever you go, bags will go with you. Everything you need are in the bag. And the bag show your style, so choose a right bag is key. So what bag is the right bag? First, it should be nice-looking, second, utility is all important, and the most important, is the quality. Choose a bag you like is interesting. I just want share designer messenger bags women I like to you.
Today, I want to introduce a web about bags to you. Its name is It is an web based wholesaler and trader offering a diverse variety of high quality bags at cheap prices. You can easily find vertical messenger bags for men, designer bags, shoulder bags, satchel bags and clutches, evening purses etc. It's a image of the fashion, luxury and texture. All the bags are completely hand made with high quality genuine leather and self-designed by their very own designers. All of their bags are made by professional craftsmen. So you can find all newest fashion designer bags worldwide. Buybuybag. com present people 100% warranted quality and cheap products.
This bag is my favorite , it is so special for the lizard skin style. The metal lock closure keep your bag safe. And the high quality metal is the highlight of the whole vintage dark color. The detachable shoulder strap can let you use this bag freely.
I donít know if you like it. You may come here to have more details. And I think maybe will be surprised by the discount.

10  General Category / General Discussion / Black will change your life on: May 23, 2012, 02:05:32 AM
Black is a prolongs color, no matter how fashion goes, black never fade out. It makes people feel modest, elegant. Meanwhile life is a long trip, every person wants it to be simple. A joyful family, a fine job, some hopes, and fascinating travels, and a vertical messenger bags for men. Simple is an fantastic quality to people. That quality will help you more interesting, and you will feel more delighted, calm and free in your life.
However so many difficult things in our daily activities, probably you think that a simple life is just a dream. but my advice is, keep yourself a calm heart, things will go well, so the simple life is just effortless to have. Thatís the Law of Attraction.
Classical black make your life more simple, so this bag , which from, is the perfect choice. This vintage messenger bag for women has two main compartments, two inside zip pockets, and cotton twill lining make it very soft. And exterior quickly wipes clean, it is water repellent and resists ripping fabric, rivet and zipper make this bag more individualistic. Exterior zip pocket make sure that your little things easy to take out. In summary, this bag is multi-function(al) and practical.
  Then, I want to say something about It is an web based wholesaler and trader offering a diverse variety of high quality bags at cheap prices. You can easily find fashion ladies tote bags, designer bags, shoulder bags, satchel bags and clutches, evening purses etc. It's a image of the fashion, luxury and texture. All the bags are completely hand made with high quality genuine leather and self-designed by their very own designers. All of their bags are made by professional craftsmen. So you can find all newest fashion designer bags worldwide. Buybuybag. com present people 100% warranted quality and cheap products.
OUOVO, their own brand, is also get completely ready for this revival of nature. Their designers draw designs with extremely mindful ideas, like some small women handbags satchel bags. And about the resources, graphic designers have their specialized idea, that is to make the canvas and PU become the major stream in the spring. Why they consider that? Just because PU is wearable and canvas is low-priced & low carbon. And PU can be extremely bright, but leather only get their unique skin color. Their messenger bags for women are so popular.
Welcome to come here, talk about bags with OUOVO, we are waiting for your ideas. Letís make a more beautiful world together.

11  General Category / General Discussion / vintage bag for sale on: May 22, 2012, 12:04:32 AM
Life is a long voyage, nearly everybody wants it to be simple. A cheerful family, a wonderful job, some ideas, and appealing voyages. Simple is an great quality to people. That quality lets you more captivating, and you will feel more joyful, calm and free in your life.
Still so many complicated things in our life, its possible you believe that a simple life is just a dream. but my bit of advice is, keep yourself a tranquil heart, things will go well, so the simple life is just very easy to get. Thatís the Law of Attraction.
The bag I really want to introduce today comes from, which is an on-line wholesaler and merchant offering a vast variety of high quality bags at okay prices. You might find fashion messenger bags for women, designer bags, shoulder bags, satchel bags and clutches, evening purses etc.
About this bag, the most visible quality is the simple design. And the color is the classic black. Your bag can express your attitude to life, the simple design responses that you are unassertive and tasteful. And this leather bags for men is produced from calf leather. That just like others merchandise on buybuybag. com, are completely handmade with high-quality great leather and self-designed by their very own designers. All of their bags are made by professional craftsmen. So you can find all hottest fashion designer bags across the globe. Buybuybag. com present people 100% warranted quality and cheap products.
Along with the simple design and fine quality, the practical applicability is also notable. The detachable shoulder strap and sturdy leather handle would make you easier to carry this bag. Roomy enough for a great deal of things, and twice reinforced bottom make this travel bag more tough.
If you fall in love with this simple bag, just come here, take it home for a simple life.

12  General Category / General Discussion / where to find leopard backpack on: April 01, 2012, 11:27:27 PM
Some people has some review about our backpack. Before I got theleopard backpack, my  back always hurt from my books and other stuff. I have noticed my back doesn't hurt when I use this backpack. The impression you make regarding others often lies in the details. Accessories such as this special girls backpack for school is very portable and attractive. You will love it at the first sight.
More backpacks have been spotted this spring, this time from one our favorite brands. This best backpack for school also has lots of pockets so you can have your school stuff in one pocket and your clothing in a different pocket. This big highlight of this backpack is the front pocket which has a very unique design. This is not a Louis vuitton, not a coach, but this bag can compete with those well known brand. By the way, it has a discount price. Wherever you go you will find it very cool to take along.
13  General Category / General Discussion / A good stuff on: April 01, 2012, 11:16:17 PM
This vintage laptop bag can be used as a book text bag. It looks very cool if you carry it on. On the other hand, it can be treated as a travel bag as well. When you go outside for packing or mountaineering, it can hold lots of your items you wanna pick up. This travel backpack bag is very portable and has unique fine design. At any rate, there are now bags in all kinds of colors and shapes, some unbearably feminine and some unbearably expensive. But this one is very worth the cost. The interior of the this backpack has several pockets to hold different accessories. This cool backpack has multipurpose, it is a laptop backpack for womenand men. You will be pleasantly surprised by how long this backpack lasts. You will love the ample space that can carry books along with lots of other handy stuff, including an HP TouchPad, notepads, Canon digital cameras and pens, Logitech wireless mouse, and the list goes on. And if donít know where to catch up the new trend, And that's A GOOD THING, trust me.
14  General Category / General Discussion / its your choice on backpacks on: March 20, 2012, 11:57:09 PM
The abilities of a laptop purse should be your most fundamental awareness. Normally, it is a good plan to pick a bag with a special laptop pocket that keeps the laptop up off the bottom of the purse, and separated from the rest of the items in the purse. This can prevent scratches from daily use, or damage to the laptop if it is dropped. Also, it will make it easier to find the rest of your belongings if you are not digging around underneath the laptop to manage things. A rucksack backpack for sale that is water-resistant might also be something to consider.

Severely check out the material the laptop purse is made of. Nylon or other man-made materials are often quite robust as well as water resistant, which is helpful for expensive electronics. backpack school bag is also robust and solid, and is often more fashionable as well. Linen or cotton bags may be less high-priced, but they can also be prone to rips and tears which might damage the laptop, and they aren't the slightest bit waterproof. They also offer virtually no protection from bumps or droops.
15  General Category / General Discussion / what the bag mainstream now on: March 20, 2012, 11:52:34 PM

Your bag choice can meet all of your criteria: price, size, storage space; but if itís uncomfortable (or unattractive) to wear, it will do you little good. Choosing the right  bag is a larger task than you might be aware of. Some girls and boys like to choose couple backpacks. They are generally neutral and cool in style. cross body messenger bag is suitable for all boys and girls. This unique backpack have 2 complete distinct patterns. It is also used for school students. This bag is very spacious to stall as many items as you can. A hanging garment large tote bag for school is really a must-have for many experienced travelers, because it keeps the particular evening wear, office attire and even everyday clothing well put together, clean and free of wrinkles throughout the journeys.
Currently, you just share yourself with nature and blend with it. And in spring, you will see distinct colors crash in you sight and that makes you just want to go with them. So do the leather shoulder purse.

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